Enter The Archevore

Welcome to the human diet where the only constant is change. As is true for the span of human existence as it is for each a individual modern life.

My eating influences are meticulously demonstrated by the graph below:


Whole foods veganism did not personally agree with my gut and my caloric needs but I am not gonna pigeon hole my self when it come to what I eat. Still I like most love labels so lets call me paleo-vegitarian. It is quite a tasty oxymoron once you get it dialed in. I include paleo sacrileges such as organic simple soys (tofu, tempeh, soy milk) and unrefined grains (quinoa, brown rice, and oatmeal on cold winter morns). While I am thankfully no celiac sufferer, nixing gluten has seemed an easy way to keep a fine tuned gastrointestinal track.

To put it simple, I just avoid any and all processed foods be them Nestle Drumsticks or Tofuttie Cuties, Pepsi or Tropicana, Oascar Meyer or Tofurky

I have enjoyed delving into the culture of Paleo lately though (The Lastest in Paleo podcast have become quite a guilty pleasure). Like any dietary extreme it seems to have a great core foundation marred by misinformation, guilt, egotism, and denial. A friend linked to a little realism last week.

Enter a better label, the Archevore.

Kurt Harris AKA Mr. Potato Friend

Kurt Harris AKA Mr. Potato Friend

Arche = Essential
Vore = One who eats

Put it all together and you get a diet focused on the personal essentials of wellbeing, not of a that of primordial ancestor or diet blog. The theory and design behind this diet is propagated by Kurt Harris an MD who seems to have wrestle with a strict Paleo diet in the past and found its rigidity frustrating. Ultimately he came to the conclusion that the Paleo diet is a phantom, a wraith, a specter, it does not exist outside the flux of vogue food plans and pseudo science.

He points out as evidence of this:

1)No anthropologists agree on the macro nutrient ranges (fat, protein, carbs) and food choices enough to determine any viable model for some sort of ideal modern eating plan
2)Most foods our paleolithic pals put in their mouths no longer exists. The fruits and veggies of our day bare little resemblance to those in the savannas and subtropics of 10,000 BC and had the slow witted cow and chicken been around to bludgeon and spear we certainly would have been munching more meat than most do today, Paleo dieters or not.
3)There is no ‘one human diet.’ Our ancestors eat… well everything. For some life was a seafood buffet, others tons of fruit, some tons of fat, others carb loaded…. yada yada. I am fairly certain that bugs and beetles where a bigger factor than boar and bone broth. I do not see many Paleo recipes sautéed grubs and kale.

That being said, I really like the Paleo diet, but it has pigeon holed itself by continually nixing foods while adding in no alternatives. Do not be afraid of living a little Paleo folks, it limits factory foods which in turn limits processed wheat, corn, and soy that has crept so insidiously into our food supply for the past 80 years.

Be an Archevore, borrow from Paleo perhaps. Most importantly, unprocess your life a little bit more each trip to the market. New highs of health will almost certainly follow.

Before a prepackage purchase, ask yourself “could I do this better. Regardless of cooking experience the answer is almost always “yes.” Get in that kitchen. Bake a berry pie, butter some local wholegrain bread, broil grassfed beef, and blend organic bananas to your hearts content, and never count a calorie again.

—– Click here to get started.—–

And never let a diet dictate your diet.

If you were wondering,Dr. Harris diet has no grains, a fair deal of meat and white and sweet taters, butter, veggies, and some fruit. All organic/pastoral/grass fed/, those growingly important criteria. That is what works for him. I am still figuring out what works for me.

Rule 1: NO STRESS (I break this rule often, but I am working on it)

Rule 2:

I am not ready to eat intelligent life

I am not ready to eat intelligent life


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