Michael Moss, Dishin’ out the Salt on Big Sugar


Here is an example how big companies must opperate.

Nabisco cuts the sugar content of its cookies hoping to garnish a little good PR a this diabetic mess we find our country hits the media fan. Hersheys sees a developing sweet void on the cookie shelf and launches these.


Nabisco sales take a not so milky dunk, stock holders are complaing. Back comes the sugar…


And then some.

I have been reading Michael Moss’s book, Salt, Sugar, Fat. 50 pages in I am can’t get enough of the level of disregard of food giants for health and well being of well… everyone but themselves (and maybe their personal trainers). Moss is not an enemy of sweet and neither am I, hell I work for a vegan chocolate company and love baking treats. He is presenting a reality that we must either accept, ignore, or labor to change. Big food is for big profits and that comes from big waist lines. As long as there is a depilitating lack of reglatory power in the FDA and USDA, and a public willing to over eat triple decker Oreos, there will be an obesity and diabetes epidemic.

Nabisco’s concern is with the health of there share holders wallets not their livers. That is bisiness. I am not anti-capitalism but, as Moss brings to light, large scale industry production just does not lend it self well to food, Masdas and Macbooks maybe but not food. Go out buy some good butter and real sugar and bake to your happy hearts content. Folks in the 1920’s and 30’s were getting hypertentions from fresh apple pie or a batch of gingersnaps.

Give it a read. Or for the breif Hip-Hop version watch Dead Prez’s new Music video Food Fight.


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