Fitness, Friends, Family, Foods, and Flushings


As I enter hour two of an intestinal flora breath test I made a belated decision to create a set of resolutions for this the year of our lord 2013. I have been fasting for 18 hrs so bear with my lack of prose.



1)NO MORE SELF SABATOGE TIME TO MAKE GAINS: Oakland is to dam cold to be this thin. I have to be realistic in my caloric intake and face the fact that though 5 eggs and a whole butternut squash in a day seems ridiculous, it’s not when paired with 10 miles bike commuting and a brutal crossfit session. 150 pounds here I come

2)MUSCLES HIGH, COMMUINTY HIGHER: With a new gym membership at Grassroots Crossfit I have the pleasure of crushing it with an awesome group of spectrum spanning nutrition nutbags and fitness folks… I’m right at home. 2013 is the officially the year of the dead lift.

3)EAT CLEAN WITH FRIENDS: Time to ease up on food, and be less critical of its eaters. I have already started this goal with an integration of pastured eggs into a once fully vegan diet. Still no urge to glide back to gluten but that really doesn’t effect my ability to eat anywhere I’d wanna eat anyhow. Really though, food is best when shared socially and cooking for one ain’t any fun. So foodie friends, 2013 is also officially the year of the potluck.

4)GRASP GUT GLORY: I have been wrestling with a host of gastrointestinal issues for the past six months (hence the reason I’m stuck in and tiny room blowing into a tube every ten minutes. Still, I have been much feeling better (and regular) recently, a host of changes I have made seem to be working.

5)TAKE TIME TO THAI: I got’s itchy feet and dreams of curry and bamboo sticky rice are becoming too frequent to ignore. Its high time I went back to Baandada Children’s Home and see how some friends have grown, with a visit to Cambodia and Burma while I’m at it. So it is my goal to gain a weight and health level appropriate to travel back to Southeast Asia with tour bike in stowage


So there it is, sufficient for one year I think, I hope, I pray. Support me and I’ll do my darndest to support you, and keep delivering the food justice news for your reading pleasure with some recipes tossed in to prove gluten free ain’t flavor free provided you can muster a little kitchen gumption. Happy trails, time to break dis’ fast.



One Comment on “Fitness, Friends, Family, Foods, and Flushings”

  1. so glad we met! our brains work similarly.

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