My Cafe is New and So Can You

The Menu is there kinda

The Menu is there kinda

Hey East Bay, Phatbeets Crossroads Cafe is open for business. Considering it is about half a mile from my pad I’m stoaked.

The menu is locally sourced and seems quite nourishing to vegans, veggies, and flesh eaters alike. The b-fast special during my visit were a BLT bagel sando (Tempeh B for the Bacon free). This place is run by a community farm, so you know that L and T were plucked from the earth around yesterday afternoon. A BBQ chicken/tofu sub was on stage for lunch, along with two side option (Asian slaw, potato salad, or kale salad w/ an orange vinaigrette).

I was due to start slinging confections the Farmers market pretty quick, but had a enough time to enjoy a spot-o-tea and homemade gluten free brownie… honey sweetened, o yeah. So sorry Farlie’s Crossroads is my new cafe in the day.


Address: 942 Stanford Avenue
Hours: 7 am -3 pm Monday – Friday, plus a Sunday brunch and Thursday movie night


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