The Great American Shoppin’ Cart


A new report by the USDA casts a little more light the root causes of chronic disease in America’s plaque stuffed heartland. We are what we eat… crap.

The report finds that (as the graph below demonstrates) that the largest portions of the American grocery bill are allocated to refined grains, sugar laden snacks, and red meat in that order. Fruits and veggies, well, on or two apparently rolls into the cart every now and again.


It is not all a matter of poor personal preference, it is just as much a matter of access and education. We are spoiled in the Bay Area, but hop on down to West Oakland and try and find a blueberry among a abundant selection of bodegas and liquor delis . You will likely end up with something blue, candy coated, and featuring a cartoon berry surfing a wave of high fructose corn syrup.


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