Where’s the Beef (Statistics)?

Alot has changed since the halcyon horse n’ buggy days of 1909, but little has change so drastically as the American Diet.

The USDA has some fun reports that outline in great detail the stats behind these changes…. right up until 2006.

Some fun facts:

Food energy produced per capita per day:
1909: 3,200 calories
2006: 3,900 calories
Percentage of Calories consumed from fats and oils
1909: 12.7%
2006: 23.8%
Total meat consumption
1909: 108.9 pounds
2006: 270.7 pounds


Why stop after 100 year of strong data collection, “budgetary and resource priories”- USDA Deputy secretary. I am inclined to believe the USDA considering they have been the whipping boy of budget cuts for over two decades, but the conspirist in me thinks that the data my have also become a tad to shocking to be so comprehensively public…. Mayhaps

Here is a link to the available data for the stats nuts out there.



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