Is 850 kcal a starvation Diet

The latest 2012’s Farm Bill left the FDA and USDA again slimmed and devoid power. If they was an Oreo product it would be a 100 calorie pack. The food industry on the other hand, the CAKESTER for sure.

Despite this there was a modest and reasonable set of changes to the aimed at slowly cutting back the crap American schools feed students.

These changes include calorie caps on lunches served.

650 for kindergarten through fifth grade
700 for sixth through eighth grade
850 for those in high school

Here is a chart that puts this in perspective:

Seems acceptable to me considering the childhood obesity epidemic, the fact 1/3 the population will have diabetes if current trends continue, and the sad reality that our current child generation is projected to be the 1st in American history with a lower life expectancy than the previous. That in mind 650 calories of what is probably flash frozen fried almost foods seems a quite appropriate. Mind you this is just lunch, and has no bearing on the endless snacking occurring between meals, vending machine supplements, and uhh.. birthday cupcakes.

Enter the “No Hungry Kids Act.” A bill introduced by Reps. Steve King, R-Iowa, and Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan., both members of the House Agriculture Committee. These two have begun a movement against these USDA calorie caps, and are being championed for it. A movement to assert a right of every child to a second helping of tater-tots has be sparked. I could cry

Their Rant:

My Rant:
It is the RIGHT of every American to eat, over-eat, and eat again, but when as a nation will we stop celebrating it. America is eating itself into debt with jolly laugh and joyful jiggle. America’s weight problem has been spun into a joke narrative. Drolling droves watch Paula Dean pan fry a pig foot cupcake every afternoon between episodes of Extreme Pig-Outs and Man vs. Food, while somewhere Heart Attack grill opens a new location, and Pepsi leads a campaign to save the supersize… screw baseball eating to die is a the new American pastime.

Obesity related illnesses cost our nation $147 billion last year, and another $72 billion in lost productivity. We won’t be able to afford it.

The USDA is not trying to grab the food out of our hands, they are trying to give us a competitive edge. I feel is one responsibility of government to ensure that it’s citizens are not physically poisoned by the products they are pedaled. Why aren’t Americans complaining about how bad our health is becoming, or how big of a financial burden obesity already is and will be. The FDA and USDA set out to make a few influences against the thousands of appetite altering manipulations the food industry stones us and our kids with on the daily. They make a small step to try to give kids a minuet chance at slightly less poor health, and it becomes an expression of impending socialism, decried as an over zealous degree of diet dictators. Somewhere along the line the heroes where rendered weak powerless the villains stole their costumes.

Paula Dean Has Diabetes and Two People Had of Heart Attacks at Heart Attack Cafe Last Year. Their Spokesman Died at 29.

These chunks of irony are funny, I agree. Then I explored WHY they were funny… really think for a minute. Fry in the reality of what it represents, the trends it reflects, the meat of it, the saddened sugar drenched reality it represents, think of the people you know, their kids. I watched that irony rot away into a sense of hopelessness.

Here is a link to tell Steven King how you feel about the No Hungry Kids Act, i certainly did


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