GM(ang)O Cobbler Part Deux

So here is that recipe I mentioned. In conjures memories of my younger days gorging at Souplantaion. Every meal climaxed me, and usually my buffet buddy Leron, scraping the diabetically delicious top off what ever seasonal cobbler was available to the quite due annoyance of the kitchen staff. This was then drowned in Fro Yo, and chocolate sauce… maybe some some sprinkles I was a chubby kid.
This recipe is a less nutritionally devoid blending of Ani Pho’s Raw Mango Cobbler Recipe, Souplantation’s generous amount of cobbles, some raw crust tips and tricks from my days at Peace Pie’s Raw Cafe in Encinitas, CA. Again, special credit to Laurel for unknowingly donating the mango by forgetting them in her rush to Black Rock City. It is very sweet; it is only fruit, spices, and nuts.

The Gear:
– Knife
– Food Processor
– 9 inch spring form or glass pie dish (pie tins are to flimsy to – handle the nutritional hardcore of raw confectionery)
– Coffee grinder (optional)

The Ingredients:
– For Filling:

– ¼ cup dates of any pitted (medjools are best for this one)
– 3 ripe plump mangos (cut into slivers)
– 1 tablespoon Coconut Oil melted
– ¼ teaspoon Cayenne (trust me)
– Pinch O’ sea salt
– For Crust:
– 1/2 cup dates of any variety pitted (½ cup plump raisins will also do the trick)
– ½ cup raw almonds
– 1 tb spoon cinnamon (or 2 if you F**king love cinnamon)
– ½ Teaspoon Nutmeg, Allspice, powered Ginger (basically pumpkin pie spice if ya’ got that
– For Cobblery Topper:
– A couple more medjool dates
– ¼ cup raw almond
– Cinnamon to tasty and a touch of salt

GO. This is a simpler undertaking by raw unbaking standards. The most obnoxious part is cuttin’ up the mangos. Begin your filling by soaking the ¼ cup dates for at least 20 minutes. While that’s happening murder them mangoes in which ever way you have adopted, Mango cutting is all about personal flair, no two go quite the same. The end result should be some ¼ inch slivers of mango meat as pictured below.

Throw ’em in a bowl with a pinch of salt (salt draws the natural sweetness out of fruits you see) and the tablespoon coconut oil; set aside. Drain the dates and toss them into a food processor and blend into a purée. Add this purée to the mangoes and mix well. Put the bowl in the fridge to chill; the cococ oil with solidify giving the filling more bind and body. Don’t bother washing the process, he has more to do.

Raw crust is EASY, this portion can be used for any raw pie you can dream up, even a raw mince meat pie if your part of the Palio Diet craze. Toss you ½ cup unsoaked pitted dates and your ½ raw almonds along with other above listed spices get creative with that) into the food processor and blend. The key is not to over blend, the consistency should be similar to what you would get if you crumbled a bunch of moist cookies into a bowl, gummy but airy. Smoosh this blend into your 9 inch springform or pie dish (bottom and side) until it is a uniform ¼ -1/2 inch. Don’t push it down to hard, you don’t wanna glue it to the dam thing (I have trouble with this). Lastly, roll any left over into a ball throw it in the air and catch it in your mouth. 10 minute all natural vegan pie crust.
Lastly, the cobblery top. Throw the ¼ cup almonds into your trusty food processor ALONE and blend into a fine sandy powder. Next just keep tossing pitted but unsoaked medjools into the processor until you get your desired cobblery crumbbliness. Put the crumbblies into a bowl and dust with salt (a little goes a long way) and cinnamon to taste. Ya’ done.
Assembly time. Take that Mexican mango mana out of the fridge and gingerly smoosh it into the pie crust. Top with cobbler chunks. Set in fridge and enjoy with good friends at your leisure.

That is the gist of it.

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