New York Demands Less Energy

The New York attorney general has subpoenaed Monster Beverage Company (Monster =160mg Caf.), PepsiCO (AMP = 160mg Caf.), and Living Essentials (5-HOUR ENERGY 207mg Caf.), for info into their advertising practices. They are accused of misleading consumers as to the actual amounts of caffeine in their respective human propellents. The FDA has deemed it “safe” to consume up to 400mg of Caffeine per day (4 cups coffee). Based on that “2 MONSTERS for 4 BUCKS!! sign outside Alcatraz Liquor is promoting a live toxicity overdose.

ISSUE: These drinks are slathered with the names of exotic extracts, super foods, and elixirs (such as matte, guarana, taurine, and green tea extract) that are essentially caffeine by another name. The FDA currently has no power to mandate the claims tied to the label as energy, due in no small part to the cult of fear that sends floods of lobbyists washing over Washington the moment someone utters food industry and regulation in the same sentence.

SOLUTION:Laws ban putting multiple sources of caffeine in one beverage without disclosing the overall amount, and an FDA with the funding to enforce them

Sadly the timing for this inquire is very power, considering all the flack (and alot of that flack was valid) that the New York mayor Michael Bloomberg received for his ill conceived campaign to restrict the sale of large sodas. This much more valid effort to protect consumers will certainly be hindered by designed comparison curiosity of there creators.

If energy indulger’s liver could talk, those fleshy detoxifiers would not be complaining about the beast of the nanny state… they would probably just moan in agony.

THIS WEEKS RECIPE: A cheaper Energy Alternative With 1/4 the Calories

1 Apple
Cinnamon (Optional)

It might just save someone the trouble of donating a liver. Though you’ll have to suffer though a few days of withdraws before apple will cut it, but cut it up anyway then dip it in nut butter…. OOOOooo or honey.


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