A new (B)log on Life

It has been a year, a bustlin’ one at that; this blogging project was rapidly neglected. NOW, life changes are in full swing and I’d like a chance to show the experiences I am having to any whom might be interested, as well as organize them for my own benefit. So what has changed?

I have a years raw chef experience under my belt
I have fallen in love with cooking.
I was rejected from five graduate schools
I have moved to Oakland
I have decided to pursue a masters in public health and nutrition
My grandfather died

These are the things that have dominated my mental landscape and sort of paint an image of my current. At that I’ll start.

First, a belated 4th of July recipe: “Fried” Onions


What you’ll need:

Dehydrator (or oven set very low)
Dehydrator teflex sheets or parchment paper
Knife and Cutting board
Mixing bowl
Big wooden spoon

3 Onions (red, white, sweet, pungent… what eva)
½ cup Almond flour or Milled Flax (you could grind some almonds in a coffee grinder lickiddy split)
1/8 cup Olive Oil
2 table spoons Nama Shoyu (Bragg’s Liquid Aminos or regular Soy also do the trick, but nothing beats Shoyu for tasty flavor)
½ teaspoon Paprika, Chilli Powder, Cumin, or Coriander (and your favorite savory spice)
A little Sea salt to taste

The Preparation:
Skin and chop your onions ring style and cry. Put the rings in a bowl and toss in the rest of the ingredients. Mix it up good and proper, adding more olive oil if mixture is too dry (the batter should be sticking to the onions, but those rebel crumbles are gonna be tasty as well).
Transfer mixture (onion free crumbles and all) on to sheeted dehydrator trays, and let it ride at 105 degrees for roughly 12-16 hours. Don’t stress it, you can’t really over do them in a dehydrator.
Do stress it if using an oven. Throw the mix on a baking sheet for an hour at you oven’s lowest setting.

The Fruits of your Labor:
Enjoy these crispy sensations on salads, in sandwiches, wraps, or just munch them Funion style. They are a much lighter and friendlier then there oil bathed facsimile, so chomp chomp chomp to your hearty hearts content.
I opted to enjoy them on a my 1st attempt of the elusive raw vegan hot-dog. The onions were amazing… the rest of the dog was just good. There will be round 2 improvements. I wish it were a little more attractive for starters


I would like to mention:

Through a series of experience and positions since the end of high school Food security has grow to be a very important cause to me. Nutritious food is a right not a luxury, I firmly believe that; it has in many ways become a sort of mantra. Many adults suffering as a result of the food landscape in which they are immersed and many children following rapidly in their wake. I won’t dive into the nature of this here; the statistics on life expectancy, obesity, heart disease, and Type 2 Diabetes are repeated discussed on loop via every major media outlet.

Things can change, slowly and arduously they can change. Because this is a consumer economy and we choose how we want to be treated by both government agencies monitoring the American food landscape, and the producers creating it we have the power to change it. Unfortunately we all face persuasive influences to such a degree that we as American’s with families, careers, and lives to lead and enjoy cannot be expected to sort the fact from farse, the sinister motives from the selfless advice, and the healthy diet from the early grave.

The current generation is projected to possess a shorter life expectancy that the former. In America.

I want to tackle these issues, and I wanna cook some food while I do it. Let’s eat well, I know you’re worth it.


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